This article is about a/an set of devices in the Kamen Rider Series.

The items listed are "transformation gear" used by Kamen Riders to transform. They often come in the form of belts. Other forms of transformation gear are wristbands and weapons.

Showa transformation gear always consists of one piece which is activated by the Rider doing a pose, while shouting "Henshin!" (変身 Henshin).

On the other hand, the transformation gear of Heisei Riders almost always consists of multiple pieces; a belt and a smaller object that either has to be inserted into the belt or have it interact with the belt in another way. After this is done, the transformation can be completed. Examples of these smaller objects are cards, coins and mobile phones. In the Neo-Heisei era, these smaller objects are also used to activate new transformations.

Another key difference between both eras is that Riders from the Showa Era always have their belt be a part of their body. While this is also a fact for some Heisei Kamen Riders, most notably Kuuga, the majority of Heisei transformation gear is separate from their owners body. Therefore, most Heisei Riders first need to equip their gear before being able to transform. In some cases, Heisei transformation gear can also be used by multiple users, as opposed being bound to a single user.

Kamen Rider Ex-AidEdit

All Transformation gear in this series are activated by inserting Rider Gashats.

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