This article is about a/an video game in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.
"Bakkān! Muteki! Kagayake Seiun no Gotoku! Ougon no Gamer! Hyper Muteki Ex-Ai~d!"
―Muteki Gamer transformation announcement[src]

Hyper Muteki (ハイパームテキ Haipā Muteki, lit. "Hyper Invincible") is a special Gashat game that accesses Kamen Rider Ex-Aid's Final Form Muteki Gamer by working in conjunction with the Maximum Mighty X Gashat[1].

Game DescriptionEdit

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Muteki GamerEdit

Hyper Muteki GashatEdit

File:Hyper Muteki Gashat (Temp).png

When activated, the Gashat reformats the battlefield into a Game Area. When this Gashat is used in the second Gamer Driver slot instead of being used in conjunction with Maximum Mighty X, it grants 10 seconds of invincibility.


  • Hyper Muteki's star motif and 10 second invincibility function appear to be referencing invincibility power-ups in video games.
  • The gold Mighty combined with the limited time invincibility is most likely specifically a reference to Super Sonic.
  • This Gashat shares similarities to the Kiwami Lockseed
    • It is used to upgrade/evolve the bulkier Super Form into something sleeker and appearing more royal. (Though compared to Kiwami Arms, Muteki Gamer is still slightly bulkier.)
    • It is placed on a part of the Driver that is normally unused outside of normal forms.
    • It can be utilized in the toy version of the Driver without the Super Form-accessing device.
  • This Gashat is likely a reference to Game Genies, a device attached to a gaming system to access cheats by manipulating the game code. The shape of the Gashat not matching the others, while "rewriting" the form of Maximum Gamer to something more powerful than normally possible, reinforces the comparison.


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