This article is about a/an set of alternate forms in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

Level 50 (レベル50 Reberu Fifuti), often abbreviated as LV50, is a super form (or in the case of Para-DX, main form) of the Ex-Aid Riders, which is accessed through the use of a Gashat Gear Dual. Level 50 forms are far superior to all the lower level forms.

Level 50 can be accessed by Level 1 Snipe or Brave by activating the Gashat Gear Dual β and turning the dial to their respective game, followed by closing the Gamer Driver's cover, inserting the Gashat, and then opening the cover once. In the case of Parad, he turns the dial of his Gashat right or left to select the game and presses the button to activate transformation into either Puzzle Gamer Level 50 or Fighter Gamer Level 50.



  • As of right now, only Kamen Riders Para-DX, Brave, Snipe, and True Brave can access Level 50.
  • Whenever a Rider transforms into Level 50, they all have their own unique phrase, usually "leveled up" versions of their Level 2 phrases, despite this being treated like a regular transformation:
    • Para-DX (Parad): Transform (変身 Henshin) (transforming from civilian form), Great Transformation (大変身 Dai Henshin) (changing from either form to the other)
    • Brave (Hiiro Kagami): Skill Level 50 (術式レベル50 Jitsu-shiki Reberu Fifuti)
    • Snipe (Taiga Hanaya): Tactics No. 50 (第五十戦術 Dai-Gojū Senjutsu)
  • Kuroto's explanation in regards to human usage of Level 50 is reminiscent of the IXA System during its early usage in that it places a great strain on the body. If the damage can be lessened by acclimation, it would also tie in with said system receiving updates making usage less of an issue, eventually allowing an immediate transformation into the stronger form.
    • Parad's use of Level 50 could be compared to the use of Kivat's abilities in that he uses powers tied to the series' kaijin and thus has no negative impact on the body with repeated use.
  • True Brave is distinct among the Riders' Level 50 forms in that his Gashat does not require both slots to use and only has one game instead of two.


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