This article is about a/an set of alternate forms in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

Level 99 (レベル99 Reberu Nainti Nain), often abbreviated as LV99, is a super form of the Ex-Aid Riders, which is accessed through the use of advanced Rider Gashats.. Level 99 is another upgraded Level like Level X to feature different base designs between its forms, Ex-Aid's being a deformed design and Para-DX's being a slim design.

Ex-Aid takes Maximum Gamer Level 99 by inserting the Maximum Mighty X double Gashat into the Gamer Driver and opening the cover, selecting Ex-Aid's primary profile image which combines with the projected screen and transforms him into Level 2, the Maximum Gamer appearing overhead; Ex-Aid slams down the popup of his face on the Gashat and jumps up and into the Maximum Gamer, mecha limbs unfolding and completing the transformation.



  • Whenever a Rider transforms into Level 99, they all have their own unique phrase, usually "leveled up" versions of their Level 2 phrases:
    • Ex-Aid (Emu Hojo): Max Great Transformation (マックス大変身 Makkusu Dai Henshin)
    • Para-DX (Parad): TBA
  • Para-DX's Level 99 eyes are heterochromic, like the Level X Riders.
  • Level 99 appears to be a blending of base forms:
  • Ex-Aid and Para-DX are currently the only ones to access Level 99.
  • When other Riders (besides Ex-Aid and Para-DX) insert a Level 99 Gashat, it will say "ERROR" like when Snipe did it.


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