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Vernier Bugster
Series: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
Motif: Video Game
Fighter Jet
Vernier Thruster
Jet Games
Affiliation: Bugsters
Height: 225.0 cm
Weight: 144.1 kg
First Appearance: Take Off Against the Direction of the Wind!
Number of Episode
TBA (Ex-Aid)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Kenichiro Matsuda
Shotaro Okubo ("Daisuke Egami")

Vernier Bugster (バーニアバグスター Bānia Bagusutā) is the monster born from data of the combat flight simulator game, Jet Combat.

Character HistoryEdit

Vernier emerged from Daisuke Egami's Bugster infection after he became worried over embarrassing his date by being too scared of the amusement park rides. Vernier briefly fought Brave Fantasy Gamer Level 50, but had to retreat within the patient after wearing out. He reemerged as Daisuke's feeling of inadequacy returned, intent on targeting Daisuke's to-be date, but he was Stage Selected away along with Emu by Kuroto. He tried fighting Snipe Simulation Gamer Level 50, but was destroyed by Bang Bang Critical Fire, his debris collected by Genm with the Gashacon Bugvisor. Take Off Against the Direction of the Wind!


Vernier has a simple personality, trying only to stress Daisuke and become a complete being with little focus on interacting with the Riders trying to stop him beyond fighting them. This, however, may instead reflect his lack of screen time more than his actual character.


File:Bugster (Bacteria).png

The Bugsters originate as the microscopic Bugster Virus (バグスターウイルス Bagusutā Uirusu), a result of humans being contaminated by the Bugster, thus developing the condition known as the Game Disease (ゲーム病 Gēmu-byō).

File:KREA-Vernier Bugsterl30.png

Vernier's full form, which overtakes Daisuke's body when the infection is strong enough.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episodes 20

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Vernier can fly with his jetpack, fire a barrage of bullets and missiles from the armaments on his shoulder and hands, and has the ability to summon a swarm of small gray Combat Gamers, each of which is armed with a pair of Gatling guns.

Behind the ScenesEdit


Vernier Bugster is voiced by Kenichiro Matsuda. As Daisuke Egami, he is portrayed by Shotaro Okubo (大久保 祥太郎 Ōkubo Shōtarō).


File:KREA-Collabos Bugster Jet.png
  • As Vernier is born directly from Jet Combat, the Jet Collabos Bugster takes its arms and chest armor from this Bugster.
    • The body part of Vernier's suit is modified from a generic Collabos Bugster's suit without the head parts.


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